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  • You can be the part of the Action!

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  • You can be the part of the Action!

    Call Today: 210-789-5288

  • You can be the part of the Action!

    Call Today: 210-789-5288

Things to do Before and After your Fishing Charter

Places to Eat and Hotels in Port O’ Conner

Hand Feeding Dolphins at Inn at Clarks

Inn at Clarks

The Inn at Clarks and Bait Shop located right next to Texas Blue Water Fishing is a great place to stay before and after your charter with our fishing guide service. After your fishing charter, go hand feed the dolphins at the bait shop.

Port O’ Conner Rod & Gun

Port O’ Conner Rod & Gun is a local specialty shop in Port O’ Conner. They sell just about any kind of fishing items you could ask for. The store also has a good selection of souvenirs that will compliment your Offshore Fishing Trip with Texas Blue Water Fishing.

Mamma’s Kitchen- Marty’s Landing

Mamma’s Kitchen is an excellent place to eat after your fishing charter. Mamma’s Kitchen has some of the best burgers, homemade pizzas, and fish in the area. While you wait for your food you can check out their tackle shop.

playing on Sunday Beach Port O' Conner

Port O’ Conner Beaches

King Fisher Beach, Front Beach

Fourth of July

King Fisher Beach, Front Beach, is located in the town of Port O’ Conner and is catered to families and anglers who like to inshore fish. The beach has picnic tables, areas for children to play, and a long dock to view the bay. The water is swallow near the shore making it a great place for family outings. Port O’ Conner has a big Fourth of July celebration with an excellent display of fireworks from here. It is a defiant must see for any new comer.

Sunday Beach

Sunday Beach Port O' Conner

Sunday Beach, can be found by a boat ride about two miles off of Port O’ Conner on Matagorda Island near Cavallo Pass. This beach is a favorite place for anglers to take a break from fishing and cool off in the water. One side of Sunday Beach is open to the Gulf of Mexico while the other side is open to the protected bay area making it the ideal spot for group and family fun. Experienced boaters who know the area can take you there boating through a cut called the “J Cut”.

Fishing Spots in Port O’ Conner

Inshore Fishing/Bay Fishing

Places to fish Gulf of Mexico

The Fish Pond is located next to Sunday Beach. This is a popular area for inshore fishing for anglers. Near the lighthouse there is Pringles Lake which is another popular inshore fishing area. Mitchells Cut and the Old Coast Guard Station are also popular places to fishing because of the flow of water.

Things to See in Port O’ Conner

Matagorda Lighthouse on Matagorda Island.

Matagorda LighthouseMatagorda Lighthouse is another attraction to Matagorda Island. A short boat ride to Matagorda Island will get you to the area where the lighthouse is located. The lighthouse dates back to 1852. The lighthouse marks the way for boats through Cavallo Pass.

Inside of Matagorda LighthouseAccess to the lighthouse is done by a boat trip from Port O’ Conner across the Espiritu Santa Bay. Experienced boaters are more than welcome to take anybody to see the lighthouse. The Espiritu Santa Bay does have shallow areas, so talk to the Port O’ Conner Chamber of Commerce to find an experienced boat guide. Between the Civil War and World War II, the Matagorda Lighthouse holds a very high historical history.

Matagroda Lighthouse Images Courtesy of Calhoun County Museum with Permissions

Calhoun County Museum

Calhoun County Museum is a great place to visit to learn more about Port O’ Conner. The lighthouse lens to Matagorda Lighthouse is located in this museum along with other historical artifacts and history. The Calhoun County Museum is located in Port Lavaca about 30 minutes from Port O’ Conner.

Warrior’s Weekend

Warror's Weekend Port O' Conner

Warrior’s weekend is sponsored by Port O’ Conner every year. This is an annual event for the fishing town of Port O’ Conner were boat owners sponsor a wounded veteran of the armed forces and take them fishing for a day.

Fishing in Port O’ Conner

Port O’ Conner sponsors many fishing tournaments during the year. Poco Bueno is one of the largest fishing tournaments. Poco Bueno is one of the biggest Marlin Fishing tournaments in Texas. Participants come from all parts of the world to fish in this tournament.

Port O’ Conner is a family vacation destination as well. The local Speedy Stop sponsors a Kids Fishing Tournament for children. Book Texas Blue Water Fishing for the next day for a relaxing addition to the kids fishing tournament. Registration is at Speedy Stop online.