Fish Those Weed Lines- Top 5 Reasons

Fishing Charters and Fishing Guides know that clients expect them to put them on the fish. Well, why not? That’s what they pay for right?

One of the jobs of a Captain is to find the fish, put the clients on the fish, and make those lasting memories for a lifetime for their client. This is how you get repeat clients!

Fishing Different

So what do you do on those slow fishing days? You find other ways to find and catch those fish; that’s what you do.

One of the ways to find fish is by looking for weed lines in the Gulf of Mexico. Weed lines can tell you a lot about what is happening in that area.

Over looking and not fishing large weed lines can have you overlook a good catch of the day. Sometimes you have to change up the type of fishing you are doing and fish different.

Top Reasons to Fish a Weed Line

  • 1. Weed lines can have an abundance of bait fish. The cover of the weeds provides coverage for the bait fish, protection, and a cooler area to swim.

    Let’s face it, if there is bait, there will be bigger species trying to get that bait!

  • 2. Weed lines don’t just happen, there are reasons why there are weed lines in the Gulf of Mexico. Rips, current changes, and wind lines help form weed lines.

    Sometimes these currents, rips, and wind lines can go on for miles making it an excellent place for fish to hide and a feeding ground for bigger game fish.

    Anything floating and a lot of it is a good sign and a good place to drop a line!

  • 3. Weed lines hold a tremendous amount of species of fish underneath the line.
    When you look at a weed line you don’t realize that the weeds extend down, but because they do the weeds attract many species.

    Dolphin Fish(Maui Maui) are one of the more common species that like weed lines but let’s not rule out Amberjacks, TripleTails, and other big game fish.

  • 4. When you are fishing blue water sometimes you can troll for miles without a bite. Weed lines provide concentrated and targeted fishing. The bait fish are all in one area making it easier to find the good game fish.

    Wahoo, Kingfish, and other fast swimming species can also hang out on weed lines looking for their lunch.

  • 5. Trolling is a good way to target big game fish that are hiding out on weed lines. Because the weed lines usually extend for miles, it is easy to troll the weed and cover a large amount of area.

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